Cork Schools Orienteering Association offer two types of event, Competitive and Non-Competitive. Generally, it is advised that pupils who attempt the sport for the first time, or who have not attended the Introductory event, should attempt the non-competitive course. This of course is not compulsory. Please check with the organisers if there are non competitive courses available in the Munster and All-Ireland competitions.

Prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd individuals in the (competitive) course they take part in. 1st, 2nd,3rd are also awarded in the teams competition, positions are determined by combining the times of the first four finishers in the school on the course. For some competitions there may be limits on the number of students who can enter a course from the one school, this is highlighted in the competition information. It must be remembered that only children in the competitive section are entitled to prizes.

At Primary School level four competitive courses and one non-competitive course are available.

CourseAvailable toApprox. Distance
5th Class Boys
5th Class Boys1.5km – 2.5km
5th Class Girls5th Class Girls 1.5km – 2.5km
6th Class Boys6th Class Boys 1.5km – 2.5km
6th Class Girls6th Class Girls 1.5km – 2.5km
Non-Competitive5th & 6th Class Pupils 1.5km – 2.5km

At Post Primary Level seven courses are generally available. Six Competitive and one Non-Competitive.

CourseAvailable ToApprox. Distance
1st Year Girls1st Year Girls2.5km – 3.5km
1st Year Boys1st Year Boys2.5km – 3.5km
2nd/3rd Year Girls 2nd/3rd Year Girls 3.5km – 4.5km
2nd/3rd Year Boys2nd/3rd Year Boys3.5km – 4.5km
PJC GirlsTY, 5th & 6th Year Girls4.0km – 5.5km
PJC BoysTY, 5th & 6th Year Boys4.0km – 6.0km
Non-Competitive1st-6th Years2.5km – 3.5km
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