Introductory Events

About Introductory events

We wish to draw your attention in particular to the first event for secondary schools on Thursday September 22rd at Curragh Wood, Midleton and Moanbaun Wood , Watergrasshill- 10am to 1pm. Your school can choose whichever location is closest to you.In the past the association has come to realise that many pupils attempt to take part in this sport with no prior knowledge of it. This can be very unsatisfactory and lead to frustration. Consequently over the last year few years we introduced a very successful first event that was non-competitive and focused on the basic skills of the sport. As a result pupils’ competence will improve and thereby gain more enjoyment at our league events on October and championship event in the new year. The basic layout of the day will be as follows:

1. Thirty Minute Walk Around A Course With A Tutor

At the start the pupils (in small groups if possible), will be given a short introductory talk on the map, lining up the map with North, turning the map in the direction you are going, features on the map, contours etc. by a tutor.
The tutors will then take the pupils for a 30 min. walk around a course and visit selected sites that are marked. The control sites will be typical features on any orienteering course such as junctions, vegetation changes, single/odd trees, knolls etc. The pupils will be encouraged to turn the map in the direction they are going and find these features as they go along. Basic information on scale and contours showing the terrain will also be provided. It is hoped that this training will provide them with the basic skills to get started at the sport.

2. Non-Competitive Circuit (20 – 30 Mins.)

There will also be a non-competitive course provided after the walk (different from the first circuit), where the pupils can run/walk, individually or in pairs/small groups, to practice these skills and time themselves if they wish. On this course they will have to visit control sites and stamp their maps just like a real orienteering course. We would urge you to try and attend this event as it will inform the pupils in a relaxed fashion what the sport is all about and lead to greater enjoyment and participation in competitive events later. If you are interested or have any queries contact one of the teachers mentioned on the home page. Help and encouragement are assured.

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